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One Off Event - GT3 @ Oulton Park (Rfactor2)

May 27, 2018

Friday nights are returning to CFEG. Its been a while since our Porsche Cup championship finished back in April time. Of course summer is when CFEG hosts their one off events, so we thought we would go to some of the UK's iconic circuits, the first of which will be Oulton Park. Located in north west England this small but fast circuit will offer some great wheel-to-wheel action!


After holding a pole to decide which cars will be used for these events (although we shall continue to host some fun random events), it was the S397 DLC content that came out on top. This means that competitors will have a choice of 5 GT3 cars to pick from, including the Radical RXC Turbo GT3 car, which has never been used in a CFEG event until now.


As we move forward and try to regain the audience we once had on Friday evenings. We will be watching attendance closely in hopes that we can reignite our hopes of hosting championships on Friday evenings. As always, we will be focusing more on Rfactor2 for the time being, as it offers a diverse collection of modded content while also appealing to our passion for endurance racing.


So, lets have some fun shall we? All welcome

Full Details for this event @ http://www.chequeredflagendurance.com/forum/one-off-events/one-off-event-british-gt-oulton-park-rfactor2




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