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WSCC - Important: Skin pack Implemented

February 10, 2018

A week ago we asked everyone to send us their updated .Mas files before we went into round 6 of WSCC (Sebring) in an attempt to resolve the issue surrounding paint scheme. Thanks to the help of Daniel Vidimari and others, we successfully discovered a way to ensure that everyone's paint scheme loads correctly and without any crossover issues.


Why the Change?

We had several reports from drivers that they where having issues

- Creating a virtual ride

- Constructing their own .MAS file

- issues downloading skins from other users, resulting in yellow "blobs"

- issues downloading other skins, resulting in everyone being displayed as the same vehilce "everyone Ferraris (even lmp2's) for example


therefore the skin pack take ALL custom and stock skins that we have, and placed them into a downloadable pack which will begin to install itself when you join the server. (if we dont have your up to date skin please send it to us)


With this approach, we hope to resolve all of the issues listed above, there will be some teething issues, however im sure we will get there and get you all those glorius paint schemes you put so much effort into making.


How does it work?


Its super easy, when you join the server you, it will begin to download the skin pack, we recommend you do this before the race itself. Once installed, you will see two windows appear for both GT3 and P2. Simply expand the window that your looking to join as and select the car/team you are driving for, and thats it!


If you experience issues, or need further advice, please contact us on discord :)




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CFEG's Lockdown Showdown - your 1st April replacement.

March 27, 2020

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