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CFEG's Christmas Karting Carnage

December 22, 2017


A week ago we hosted some fun events on Raceroom to celebrate Xmas. It seems only fair that we do the same for our RFactor2 members. Therefore we invite everyone to take part in CFEG's Christmas Karting Carnage. Go back in time to your junior years and smell those 125cc engines burn that precious petrol. This wont be a serious race, just a bunch of petrol heads celebrating the end of 2017 with a laugh.




Here are the details:


Server name: CFEG's Xmas Karting Carnage


Password: To be Announced on Discord on race day ( https://discord.gg/ucNBAxH )






Nola MP - Kart B


Nola MP - Kart E


Atlanta MP - Kart Layout A


Start: 2000 Hours GMT


Qualy: 15m (allows people to join)


Race: 12 Laps




Though the event will be open to everyone on our discord channel, you can preserve your slot by posting a comment on our forum with your details and you will be given the password before it is released to the rest of the discord members :)


Lets have some fun!







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CFEG's Lockdown Showdown - your 1st April replacement.

March 27, 2020

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