Sep 24, 2018

WSCC - Track Downloads


Edited: Jan 16

The server will allow you to download the track upon joining, however you can download the tracks prior to the weekend. This not only speeds up the joining process, but helps the server run smoothly on race day. Simply click on the links below and download the files as you see fit.


Install instructions:

1) Extract the file

2) place the file in

Local Disc > Program Files (86x) > Steam > SteamApp > Common > Rfactor2 > Packages

3) Launch the Rfactor2 Launcher

4) Go to the Content Tab (top left hand side, open box icon)

5) Sort by "Installed" (Right hand side)

6) Highlight all items without a tick next of them

7) Click install



Track Downloads:


Sebring (Official DLC):


Sao Paulo:

(Road America has been replaced by Sao Paulo)


Slovakia Ring:


Silverstone GP:


Le Mans:!ptRhzLBb!9AP-kykWvskoAbAFkngLO427V588VKh3paxJfbG9Chc


Laguna Seca:


Road Atlanta:




Watkins Glen:


Dubai Autodrome:



New Posts
  • For Season 2 of the WSCC CFEG will be implementing our own Number plates, These are to placed on both sides of the car and are mandatory for all custom skins. Please download these and place them on your custom skins before submitting them, if you already have submitted your paint scheme, please update it. Number Plates
  • Hello Welcome to our forum, this particular category is dedicated to Season 2 of the World sports Car Challenge on Rfactor2. The forum is where you can find useful links, such as track downloads for the calendar, along with team finding tips and more. Anyone can post on this forum provided it is relevant to the topic (WSCC). Whether you are new or old here at CFEG, we want to hear what you think. Give us feedback on the series, Raise a question or just introduce your team. Here are a few helpful tips to help you get set up. Tip 1: All information about the WSCC can be found via our new menu @ Tip 2: Once you have registered your team, join our discord channel to be given access to the server to practice @ (Once there, change your nickname to respresent the one you signed up with to help us identify you) Tip 3: Make sure you read up on the rules and regulations so you are familiar with the series @ Tip 4: Downloading the tracks before race day is a good way to ensure a smooth day for both you and the organisers. You can get all the tracks you need from @ If you have any questions or need help from any of our oganisers then please don't hesitate to ask We look forward to hearing from you Regards CFEG Admin Team
  • Are you looking to take part in the WSCC? Do you not have anyone to drive with? Or are you perhaps missing a driver to make a team of 3? Here you can post your details in hopes that someone will get in contact with you to get a team together. Here is an example of a post: Name: (As seen on discord) Nationality: (Optional) Class: (GTE/ LMP2 or either) Availability: (when can you drive) Experience: (Previous racing experience) Discord Name: Hope you find a seat! CFEG Admin team

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