Nov 19, 2017


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We will not bore you with a large list of Rules and regulations like in real life. However we do ask that you follow some basic but essential rules when participating in our events at CFEG.


- Do NOT block the track, with the intention to cause another competitor to Lose time, Have an accident or Collide with your own or another vehicle.


- Do NOT exceed the track limits or Cut any part of the circuit, with the intention to gain time unfairly against another competitor. Track limits are defined by the white painted lines on the edges of the track. Competitors must make effort to keep two wheels within the white lines at all times.


- Do NOT Ram or make contact with another Competitor, Regardless of their class, with intent to cause that competitor to lose time/position , OR take any action that is deemed reckless, causing any competitor to lose time/position. - When defending a position, competitors are restricted to making ONE Defensive maneuver in order to defend that position. Any Competitor who Blocks in an unsportmanlike manner is open to investigation.


We expect all competitors to follow these essential rules. They not only prevent/discourage actions that could effectively ruin another competitors race, but also highlight boundaries, offering a fair system, where everyone has an equal chance to succeed.


How is it enforced? If you feel you have been treated unfairly by a fellow competitor, or if you believe a fellow competitor has "cheated". Make a note of the name, car, and Lap/Time of the race, and inform an admin AFTER the event has finished. Once an admin has obtained the necessary information, they can then review the replay footage and view the incident from several perspectives. Several admins will review the replay footage, and will conclude whether or not the actions of the accussed warrants further action.


Action Examples (Depending on the severity of the offence)

- Warning

- Time Penalty

- Grid Penalty

- Disqualification

- Race suspension/ban

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