Dec 23, 2017

Driver Line up


Edited: Jan 17, 2018

Here you can fine the Spotter guide for the Series, This is a good tool to help you see how many drivers are registered with their names, teams and vehicle choices.






Updated : 17.1.18



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  • Here you will find the results + overall standings for the series, The top picture Represents the overall scoring, with every picture afterwards being the results of each individual round.
  • Welcome to the CFEG Flat 6 Super Cup Series. The Series is apart of our Friday night racing events, aiming to provide close and fierce competition. The series will be visiting America for this season, including Sebring, Road Atlanta and even Lime Rock Park. Our events are aimed at drivers of all skills levels from the Super quick to the guy thats always at the back. Our friendly membership base are always happy to help out with driving tips and advice. The races will be held every Friday over 8 weeks with Qualifying starting at 8pm (UTC), with a dedicated server on hand 24/7 for practice (pass worded). Each Race meet will consist of 2 races with the second race grid being a full reverse grid of the first races finishing results. With all this in mind we hope to see you on the track! Find all the details on the below links below, we look forward to seeing you on grid! Rules and Regulations (FULL) Link - Sign up - Discord -

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